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Penacook Boscawen Water Precinct - NEW SERVICE Request Form

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Please note all services require a 7 -10 day notice and are scheduled for Monday, Wednesday or Friday.*

    *Emergencies are an exception to this rule.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Note - Please see schedule of fees for price of services

What are the water fees and process when building a home?

Connections Fees

Single Family  –  $2,500

Multiple Unit 2-3 units residence  –  $1,750 per unit

Multiple Units 4 plus  –  $1,500 per unit

Commercial Up to 1” service  –  $3,000 per unit
Commercial Up to 2” service  –  $4,000 per unit
Commercial Over 2″ service   –  $5,000 per unit
Privately Owned Hydrant  –  $4,000 per unit
Precinct Owned Hydrant   –  $10,000 per unit

Water Investment Fee

2 Bedroom  –  $3,000 plus $500 for each additional bedroom



All appropriate fees (above) must be paid, and a New Service Request Form (left) must be submitted before moving on to Step #2. Time and Materials will be billed after installation to the consumer for purchase of necessary parts such as meter and radio.



The tapping of the Main must be completed by one of the listed below contractors and coordinated with Pennichuck Water on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday.  

Please plan accordingly as a 7 – 10 day notice is required to schedule tapping inspections with Pennichuck Water and they must be on site when tapping occurs.

Acceptable Contractors for Line Tapping:

Certified Hydro Applications – Hooksett, NH 603-851-5321 (tapping up to 2″)

E.J. Prescott – Concord, NH 603-224-9545 (tapping only)

Remi & Sons, – Derry, NH 603-432-4317 (full service)

WSO – Henniker, NH 603-428-3525 (full service)



After the main line is tapped, you can schedule with Pennichuck Water, a time to install the meter and radio box.

Please see “Service Line Materials” for all specifications when installing water service.